Lieutenant Colonel Robert Nugent

Commanding, and founding officer of the 69th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

Sergeant Major Francis J. Williams

Battalion Executive Officer of the 69th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

Captain James Cavanagh

Captain Company A

First Sergeant Richard W. Blue

First Sergeant Company A

Sergeant James Jenkins

Sergeant Company A

1st Platoon

Sergeant James Razz

Sergeant Company A

2nd Platoon

Captain Fairas

Captain Company B

1st Lieutenant Friedthelt

1st Lieutenant Company B

1st Platoon

2nd Lieutenant Feldsau

2nd Lieutenant Company B

2nd Platoon

Captain James Wesley

Captain Company C

1st Lieutenant John O' Hara

1st Lieutenant Company C

1st Platoon

First Sergeant Michael O'donovan

First Sergeant Company C

Sergeant Josh Price

Sergeant Company C

1st Platoon

Captain James McGee

Captain Company F

First Sergeant Richard Moroney

First Sergeant Company F

Sergeant David Burke

Sergeant Company F

1st Platoon

Captain Ryan O'Donoghue

Captain Company H

2nd Lieutenant Joseph Gibson

2nd Lieutenant Company H

2nd Platoon

Sergeant James Kinsella

Sergeant Company H

1st Platoon

Sergeant John Lennox

Sergeant Company H

2nd Platoon