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69th Server Information

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:41 pm
by Colman O'Reilly
We have recently got a server up and running, so now we do not have to hassle to find a server.
Server will be used for training, public and future events.

Now be careful where and what you shoot at as friendly fire is on and will stay like that, if its turned off it will be updated here on this post!
Friendly fire is: ON

Server rules (Rules can be updated and new rules can be added, keep yourself updated):
* Always respect other players when its on public or event.
* Never ever shoot someone in revenge, purpose for joy (warning, kick, temp ban).
* Always report to the higher ups in the Regiment when someone breaks rules so they can deal with it. (As we got access to server log so we can find the person)

Administrators in the server:
Head admins:
Colman O'Reilly (Server owner)
Robert Nugent
Francis J. Williams (Access to server panel)



Re: 69th Server Information

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:43 pm
by Colman O'Reilly
Attention! There has been reports of hackers in WoR!
Person or the people are normally using a letter or a smiley face in its name.

So in case any of the Companies are having a training on our server and this happens you are to REPORT ASAP and we will do what we can to ban this person, in hopes we can find the IP of the person in the logs and if we find and ban this person it will also be shared to the WoR community as we cannot have locked servers